2016 Demo

by DSM



released July 3, 2016



all rights reserved


DSM Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee burling league.

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Track Name: Bullet Through a Badge
"I am not benign!" thunders my pipebomb as it sprays a manifesto of nails and ball bearings through flak wrapped martyrs. Break charge in back. Secondary detonation. Rendered human fat. Black tipped ammunition. Johnny Longarm screams and stares down bug eyed as he is removed from his ankles. Every ejected shell casing is a flag draped coffin for a coward's wake. When the smoke clears, you can bury my body in the brass that surrounds it, you cock suckers.
Track Name: Ugly Boy Disintegration Beam
Critical hull breech. Self-esteem up in green flames like a tinfoil hat in the microwave. Escape pods jettisoned before warp drive is engaged. Catastrophic full metastasis from voluntary X-rays. Lapse, swell, and burst inside out. Untouchable fucking garbage. I can't fucking wait.