West End Burls

by DSM

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Split cassette with Kathogah, coming out on Human Beard and Dirt Farm


released 27 February 2013



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DSM Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee burling league.

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Track Name: Serfin' USA
Good intentions pave the road to hell. In bilge we writhe. Beg for crumbs from the apex. Feed on the scraps. The ladder is missing the middle rungs. Climbing the dead. We're here to work, struggle and die, stifled by self defeating systems and illogical notions of purpose.

Break my fucking back.
Track Name: Spange
"Hey man, hey man can ya spare some change?" No way, fuck off and figure it out yourself. I'm barely hangin' on from the same thread. I'm two weeks away from being you, parasite. One fucking check, parasite. Fuck off. Save the fucking sob story. Kick rocks. I'm not funding your shitty vices. Get away. Don't try to lie, you won't recover. When you fall through rock bottom, I hope you fucking die.
Track Name: Active Shooter Scenario
I'm a walking flaw. A lost cause. Futility follows resistance. Falling through the bottom line. Fuck this asinine existence. Humanity serves no purpose. I'll die and take all of you with me.
Track Name: Dissolution
Get out. My vital organs walked out the door. I hurt and it's reciprocal. Go away. Now just come back, please. We're done, never again until tomorrow. You're dabbling in damaged goods, living in yin yang spectrum. Cyclic purgatory of miracles and end of days. We're ensnared in tangled webs of false threats and bargaining. It's time to let go.
Track Name: Millennia
Man has waged war on man since humanity has been. Pipe dreamt utopia. History of death. Vain ugly apes in decaying skin suits. From sharpened flint to harnessed atoms. We won't ever find peace while we are. I'll take yours and you'll take mine. I'll kill yours and you'll kill mine. Nations will crumble, eras will end. Flags burnt to ash, bones turn to sand. Temporary. We weren't meant to last. We won't ever find peace while we are. Bury the dead.
Track Name: The Decline
All of mankind failing right before my eyes.
Track Name: We, Enslaved
Piss on my back tell me that it's rain. They distract. Make a kill list and check it twice. They divide. Make me wear the tin foil hat. They deceive. Nothing to see here, you say. We, enslaved. Unite against a hydra, the many headed tyrant. For high treason we sentence you to death. Pike your heads on the capitol gates Unchecked hubris stokes the people's rage. Waiting for a spark to hit the powder keg. Wag the dog with endless war, blow back, democide. Blow a whistle and disappear, detained, democide. Punish dissenters with the swarm, drone strike, democide. Even if you want to fight it, it's too late.
Track Name: Agnus Dei
Afraid to think? Suppress yourself. Devote your life to the glory of God. Remain pure. Live life chaste. Find rapture in the name of God. O Holy Father, absolve me from sin, I fucked up and acted human again. I'm not worthy. Hail mother Mary, so full of grace, I actually went and lived life today. Lord, forgive me. Love thy neighbor, turn thy cheek. God will love you more if you're passive and weak. Don't deviate from the canon. Pass the plate, pay up quick. Jesus needs to buy more plastic shit. Your religion is a farce. Your book is a fake. There's no god. There are no angels on high. No big man in the sky. Your life you spent praying, and you'll rot here when you die. Your last synapses fire. You'll see the white light. No soul leaves the body. What a waste of life.
Track Name: No Call, No Show
Existential crisis clouds the broken spirit. I'm held hostage, enslaved by he who signs the check. Run the gauntlet. I'm an object to manufacture first world garbage. I hate this place yet still I trudge on. Going and going and going, I'm done. I'm losing the will to fucking carry on. My soul is ailing, it's shell is near spent. I'm halfway through life and I'll never get the time back. My life's worth is dictated by the punch clock. Drain my life in hourly increments. This is the choice that we have to make. Between getting sleep or getting paid. Smelling the roses or bearing the yoke. I'm still fucking broke and I'll never get my time back. Hours, weeks, months, years. Jump higher, run faster, work harder, you're fired. Knees scabbed no longer. Free men stand tall.